Digital Culture, Imaginary Teaching Work and Teaching Professionalization: An Analysis of the Rita Series (Netflix)

Colloque du CRIFPE
Brève communication orale
Les formations à l’enseignement (initiales et continues), Le numérique éducatif
The teaching profession, in addition to the professional space, extends to the public sphere, expanding into other links with society and culture. The objective of this study is to identify the imaginary of teaching work symbolized and disseminated in a media production (television series) whose protagonist is a teacher. This is a documentary research, with film analysis of the first season of the Rita series (Netflix), identifying the imaginary: solitary work in the classroom and individualized with students and their parents; regulated, routine and technical work; work set in the classroom, director's room, teachers' room, passageways and teacher's house; work apart from social debate and with traditional pedagogical practices; conflicting work; hierarchical and submitted to authoritarian and competitive relations. These imagery align the teaching work with old teaching concepts (vocation and craft) putting in tension the affirmation of teaching as a profession (TARDIF, 2013). The teacher professionalization project must articulate teacher education, profession and society in the public space of education. This requires looking carefully at media productions and the imaginary about teaching work built by digital culture that has, in the society of technological mediation, the ability to create and reinforce models, stereotypes and fetishized representations.
  • Belarmino Cesar G. da Costa - UNIMEP
  • Regina Zanella Penteado - UNESP
  • Clayton Budin - UNESP Rio Claro
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