Pedagogical Training of Teachers and Teaching in Higher Education

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Les formations à l’enseignement (initiales et continues), Agir comme professionnel de l'enseignement : le travail
This research analyzed the conceptions and practices teachers who work in higher courses of bachelor’s and undergraduate courses have about their teaching and what they think about issues related to their didactic-pedagogical practice. Specifically, it analyzed the contributions of studies of research on teacher education in higher education; discussed the role of didactics in teacher education in higher education and proposed a device to mobilize the process of this practice considering the action and training practices aimed at this level of education. The theoretical framework is based on the discussion of recent studies on Teaching in Higher Education, Teacher Practice and Didactics in Higher Education. The methodology adopted is of a qualitative nature, also using bibliographic research. In the field investigation, the questionnaire and semi-structured interview with 12 professors from a private higher education institution, located in the northwest region of the state of Espírito Santo – Brazil, were used, using content analysis to interpret the data in the light of the theoretical references used. The results indicate difficulties on the part of the participating teachers regarding the systematization of concepts and themes related to didactic-pedagogical issues in their teaching activity.
  • Gean Queiros - Universidade Católica de Santos-SP
  • Kalline Aroeira - federal University of Espirito Santo
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