Les jeux vidéo, la participation, l’empathie et l’apprentissage approfondi dans les cours de niveau collégial/Videogames, Engagement, Empathy and Deep Learning in the College Classroom

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Cette présentation est bilingue et ouverte aux membres du public français et anglais. This presentation is bilingual and opened to French and English audience members. As part of the 2020-2021 Pedagogical Research and Experimentation Program (PREP) grant offered by the Quebec Ministry of Education to private CEGEP institutions in Quebec we began experimenting with the use of entertainment-based videogames in our college classrooms. Specifically, by basing ourselves on Csíkszentmihályi’s theory of flow and by using questionnaires given to our students, we wanted to explore whether videogames can have a significant impact on student empathy and critical thinking levels. For our project we collected data from students enrolled in the Special Care Counselling program and in a Humanities course at Lasalle College. Additionally, we also wanted to carefully document the process we took to implement videogames in in-person and virtual classes. By doing so, we hope to create a guide for other teachers who wish to implement this innovative tool in their own courses regardless of the level of education or nature of the course. In this presentation we would like to present the results of our research project with the rest of the community.
  • Johnathan Mina - College LaSalle
  • Pascale Warmoes - College LaSalle
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2021-04-29 12 h 15
30 minutes